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Use our services to grow your audience and social media presence. With us you will get closer access to thousands of people interested in your content


About Us

Music Corner Leads is a music marketing agency that specializes in helping upcoming music artist, producers, DJs and songwriters grow their fanbase, broaden their audience and increase their social media presence in order to spread the word about their content. We also work closely with music artist development companies, record labels, radio shows and other platforms who use our leads to reach out to music artists and grow their communities.

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You're a music artist?

Plenty of music artists we work with use our leads and marketing services in order to grow their audience and engagement. They use our leads and other methods to network, build a larger audience, increase streaming numbers and promote their content. Our approach leads to a significant growth of relevant audience that is actually interested and interactive with your music. If this is something you might be interested in hit the button below to learn more.

Running a promo agency?

We target music artists who have recently released content or have upcoming projects they are looking to promote. Our clients reach out to our leads in order to network or offer their services. Using this approach, you will see growth in conversion and number of people working with your platform. Contact us for more info and we'll get back to you!

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With more then 8 years of experience we have successfully worked with more then 3500 upcoming artists. Over time we have worked with many reputable music platforms and collected and delivered more than 500.000 leads. Hit the button below to see more.

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