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Amplifier and Guitar

You are an underground artist, upcoming producer or the next one to blow up? We got you covered.

Organic growth begins here.

You are a music artist and you're looking to grow your Instagram and fanbase without a huge budget? We got you covered. It has become very hard to catch Instagram's algorithm in order to grow your page. Biggest reason your engagement isn't what it used to be is because your content is getting viewed by the wrong audience that isn't interacting with your posts. When people who aren't music fans see your posts, they won't like, comment, share or give you a follow. Instagram sees this behavior and decides to not push your content further. This is why using services where we target people from similar fields as yourself makes a difference. By promoting you we are essentially connecting you to a group of people that will actually be interested in your content since you are from the same niche and genre of music. Now when you upload on Instagram you have people that will engage with your content since that is what they are looking for on their feed. This time Instagram will recognize that your posts are popular in the music community and algorithm will push your page in the right direction. This method combined with our other services such as promotion campaigns, hashtag research, upload scheduling and profile optimization will lead to growth of your engagement and fanbase. Hit the button below to learn more!

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