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We will send you minimum a few thousand music artists and their contact info (emails, Instagram links and names) per month. Each artist will exclusively come from your genre and style of music. This way you get a close access to a group of best upcoming artists who are growing their fanbases and expanding their audiences as well. Whether you wish to start your newsletter, run an email marketing campaign, DM those artists or simply follow them, this lead generation service remains the best organic method to acquire new connections and broaden your community. One of the biggest advantages of working with us is that you get to keep all the leads containing music artists and their info. This means that you can implement our services and focus heavily on your marketing and promotion whenever you wish to.


Your content will be shared by several music pages and platforms with more then 50.000 followers in total. This way we will bring your music closer to a relevant community that is already interacting with up and coming artists.


Correct usage of hashtags is one of the crucial segments when it comes to a good feedback on your latest uploads. It’s extremely important to have a good set of hashtags and to know how to properly utilize them. Because of their relevance it’s not enough to randomly pick your hashtags based on your genre of music or even worse, use an online generator. Based on your demographics and insights we will carefully choose specific hashtags that perfectly fit your type of content and audience in order to maximize your growth,

Upload Scheduling

As you already may know, consistency is the key to a healthy, organic growth. As a music artist you should strive to keep your audience engaged. On the other hand you don’t want to upload too many posts which can lead to losing some of your followers because you are all they see on their feed. So how do you know where to draw the line? That’s where we step in and give you an exact timetable and number of uploads you should post per month in order to attract a new fanbase.

EMail Campaigns and Newsletters

Having a newsletter or running an email campaign as a music artist remains one of the most efficient and most organic ways to find new listeners and expand your fanbase. Based on your demographics and genre we will find thousands of artists and spread the word to them about your content by a large email campaign/newsletter. Contact us for more info!

Basic Package

  • Promotional Email Campaign with 3500 verified recipients.

  • Instagram Promotional Campaign.

  • Hashtag Research.

  • Uploading Schedule research.

  • Social Media Profile Optimization.

Standard Package

  • Promotional Email Campaign with 10000 verified recipients.

  • Extensive Instagram Promotional campaign along with promotion of your streaming platforms.

  • Multiple sets of hashtags based on your demographics. 

  • Uploading Schedule research.

  • Detailed Social Media Profile Optimization.

Premium Package

  • Full weekly newsletter with 20000 verified recipients.

  • Custom Instagram Promotional  campaign along with promotion of your streaming platforms. 

  • Multiple sets of hashtags based on your demographics. 

  • Detailed uploading Schedule research and planning.

  • Comprehensive Social Media Profile Optimization.

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